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Canton sub road repairs
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In all, 20 Canton subdivisions are expected to get street repairs next year.
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Deteriorating streets in 20 Canton subdivisions will share $3.7 million in repairs that are expected to begin next spring.
“We’re going to try to get the work done as early as possible,” Canton Municipal Services Director Tim Faas said.
The bulk of the money — $3 million — arose from a Wayne County initiative to fix at least some crumbling township streets. The rest of the money comes from homeowner associations, which had to plunk down a portion of project costs to qualify for repairs.
Wayne County initially allocated a first-round $1.5 million for Canton street repairs. Township officials sought requests from homeowner associations willing to pay 20 percent of the costs — but, proposals from 20 subdivisions far exceeded the $1.5 million.
In the spirit of fairness, Canton officials in January held a lottery drawing and randomly selected 13 of the 20 subdivisions for repairs. Those projects were initially expected to occur this year but were delayed until next year.
Meantime, Wayne County has allocated the second-round $1.5 million, allowing Canton officials to fund the remaining seven projects that didn’t make the lottery cut, LaJoy said. That means all 20 projects will occur next year.
Moreover, enough money was left over to tack extra funds onto some of the projects.
In all, LaJoy said the cost for any given street repair project ranges from $50,000 to $200,000.
Faas said Northwest Consulting, Inc., has begun design work for some of the projects. The effort could prove more cost-effective with 20, rather than 13, projects occurring at one time.
Faas said officials are hopeful they will get better prices because of the larger quantity of work.
Separate from the $3 million in county-funded projects, one group, the Sunflower Home Village Homes Association, was able to get county money to fix a crumbling section of Hanford Road west of Canton Center.
Those now added to the repair list include Windsor Park, Glengarry subdivisions two through six, Brookside number five, Meadow Villages and Sunflower.The lucky 13 neighborhoods winning the first-round lottery money were Forest Brook, Meadowbrook, Century Farms, Oakvale/Stonegate, Fairways West, Willow Homes, Nowland Estates, Canton Country Acres, Huntington Place No. 1, River Woods, Salem Manor, Royal Pointe and Glengarry subdivision number one.
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