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Update 3 3 16 Paving

If there are any questions, contact me.

Doug Myers

Date:  3 March 2016

To:  The Homeowners of Glengarry Village 1 Homeowners Association:

We have been successful, through working with the township, in getting the money needed to repair Glengarry Boulevard from Canton Center to the Glengarry Village 1 subdivision borderline.  This was accomplished through a coalition of the following entities:
•    Canton Township – coordinated efforts between subdivision sections
•    Glengarry Village 1 – coordinated efforts between subdivision sections and led with a majority of the 20% funding
•    Glengarry Village 2 – contributed to the repaving of the boulevard and helped with coordination between subdivision sections
•    Glengarry Village 3 – contributed to the repaving of the boulevard and helped coordinate between subdivision sections

As a result, the boulevard paving will begin after school is out for the year so as not to interrupt school bus service.  It will be completed in Calendar Year 2016.  There will not be an additional assessment required to fund the nearly $500,000 worth of repaving. 
We owe a debt of gratitude to Phases 2 and 3 for their contributions to this project.  We should be prepared to help both of these sections in the future.

The facts are as follows:
•    The pavement and road base for the boulevard will be completely replaced
•    The boulevard drainage will be improved
•    The costs will be entirely covered with the funds contributed by Glengarry 1, Glengarry 2, and Glengarry 3 paying the 20% required by the County to repave or repair any road
•    The costs of the project will be 80% covered by the county (the township already has this money in hand) and 20% through contributions by the three HOA’s.
•    No additional funding is required for these repairs – the funds are coming from general funds from Glengarry Village 1 HOA reserves.
•    The funds will not cover repairs of Danbury Rd, Danbury Ct, Glengarry Rd, or Fairfield Ct. – we need an additional plan for these roads
•    The repairs to the boulevard were the highest priority because the boulevard is in very poor condition and is used by everyone in Glengarry Village 1. The other HOA’s were interested in helping with this common road as well.
•    The work will be coordinated by the Township and the hired contractor for all of these projects.
We will hold the annual subdivision meeting on 23 March 2016 from 6:00 – 9:00 PM  in Room A of the Canton Township Hall.  We invite you to come to discuss the roads and the other issues in the subdivision. 
The official word from Amy Hughesdon of Canton Township on the road repaving project is below:

From: "Amy Hughesdon
To: "Harry Doyle"
Sent: Tuesday, March 1, 2016 4:20 PM
Subject: road program

Hi Harry,
The bids for the road project are due tomorrow (Wed/March 2).
They have established the start date for after Plymouth-Canton Community Schools lets out, because they don’t want to hamper bus transportation. The work is still scheduled to be done this summer. We don’t currently know the order in which they will complete work – the contractor will decide how best to line that up. 
Let me know if you have any other questions,

Amy Hughesdon
Township Operations Coordinator
Canton Township

We look forward to the completion of this major improvement to the subdivision in this calendar year.

The Glengarry Village 1 Homeowners Association Board