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3 23 16 meeting minutes
Glengarry Village I
Annual Homeowner Meeting March 23, 2016
Meeting Summary
President Harry Doyle opened the meeting at 6:07 PM and addressed the current road repair plan status as the main topic of the meeting. A total of 31 homeowners signed in for the meeting in Room A of the Canton Administration Building.
A discussion of the current road status highlighted that road repair bids had been received for the 17 requested Canton homeowner association paving repair proposals and that Florence Cement Co. was the low bidder and had just been selected and approved by Canton Township. Glengarry Village I has worked in conjunction with phase 2 & 3 to collectively raise enough funding to rebuild Glengarry Boulevard through phase 1. As reported in an earlier newsletter, this program was an 80-20 split of the costs with 80% coming from Wayne county from funds allocated to Canton and 20% of the cost from the participating homeowner associations. The 20% of the boulevard rebuilding cost was primarily provided by phase 1 supplemented with contributions by phase 2 & 3 to raise enough money to complete the boulevard repair. This cooperative support allowed adequate funds to be allocated (beyond the fund allocation limit available to a single homeowner association). A special thanks to our friends in phases 2 & 3 for financially supporting the boulevard work in phase 1 so that all of Glengarry Village could benefit.
The Canton subdivision road repairs/replacements will be started June 20 with completion scheduled for September of 2016. The exact timing of our boulevard repairs will be established with the contractor to optimize their efficiency and logistics to assure that all 17 HOA repairs can be completed in the allocated time frame. Our boulevard replacement is the largest/most costly of the 17 homeowner association projects in this program. It involves total removal of the current pavement, upgrading of the base under the pavement, installation of a continuous drain tube system under the pavement between catch basins to reduce potential water buildup under the new pavement and re-contouring of the pavement crown and longitudinal shape to eliminate low spots where water can collect after rains. The engineering firm NCI provides the road design to the contractor Florence Cement Co. and conducts testing to assure that the new paving meets strength and thickness specifications.
After a lengthy discussion of the boulevard replacement plan and a presentation by the      Canton staff engineer on the program including questions from the attendees, clarification of the breakdown of expenditures by phase 1 to provide our 20% share as well as the contributions by phase 2 & 3 were requested. While some rough estimates were developed during the meeting, our treasurer had been unable to attend which limited the ability to provide more precise financial data. The following information was provided by our treasurer upon his return to Canton after the meeting:
Phase 1 contributed a total of $61,261 toward the boulevard replacement
Phase 2 & 3 contributed a total of $40,000 toward the boulevard replacement ($22,000 & $18,000 each)
Several attendees then raised the issue of what can now be pursued to address the road repairs needed on Danbury and the extreme northern end of Glengarry Road. The possibility that we could contract directly with Florence Cement Co. to repair Danbury/Glengarry Rd. while they were replacing the boulevard was proposed. It was assumed that this would be less costly than repair action at a later date when equipment would have to again need to be repositioned within Glengarry Village I. While these observations on cost savings would potentially be true, several concerns were identified. These included the potential that the added scope of Danbury/Glengarry Rd. could inhibit Florence Cement Co. from meeting their timing commitment to Canton on the 17 projects that they bid. Another concern raised was how the necessary funding could be raised fast enough to make this proposal possible as this would need to be 100% funded by Glengarry Village I which has expended much of their emergency funding reserves to fund their 20% of the boulevard replacement cost. It seems likely the a special assessment district (SAD) would have to be formed to raise the necessary funds which is a somewhat lengthy process requiring petition signatures, review/approval by Canton officials and bidding by bond companies with township reviews before we could proceed. Several attendees indicated their willingness to fund the project via SAD or possible other means however, surveys from 2015 indicated only a few homeowners were willing to support such a funding effort. It was recommended that our HOA contact the county to determine the likelihood that Wayne County would offer another 80-20 funding plan in 2017 similar to the current 2015-2016 plan that is a major factor in the 2016 boulevard replacement. The board agreed to investigate the options and potential costs/timing on a preliminary basis to assess the Danbury/Glengarry Rd. repair potential.
The 2015 and 2016 proposed budgets were provided to attendees for their review and questions. The budgets were discussed and some questions answered however a question on what the projected remaining funds at the end of 2016 would be was only estimated and will be determined with more accuracy by our Treasurer and made available to our homeowners. Subsequent to the meeting his input reveals, if no unforeseen expenses occur, our HOA should have approximately $50,000 available in our reserve at the end of 2016.
It was identified that our HOA board currently has 3 open positions (vice president and 2 at-large positions) and requests interested homeowners contact Harry Doyle or any other board member if they are willing to become active on the board.   
The meeting was then adjourned approximately 8:15 PM.
Ken Wolf, Secretary