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June 22 2016 Board Meeting
Glengarry Village I HOA Board Opportunities
June 22, 7:00 PM, Room E of Canton Administration Building
Your Homeowners’ Association currently has several openings for positions on the board of directors. At our 2016 Annual Homeowners Meeting several attendees expressed interest in joining the board. This special meeting has been scheduled to meet with our homeowners who are interested in a position on the board. The meeting is intended as an opportunity for you to express your interest in joining the board, ask questions about the board and to share your areas of interest and background skills. The current board wishes to match your skills and interests with open board position opportunities and needs.
This is your chance to get more involved with the administration of Glengarry Village I business decisions and planning for the future of our subdivision. We trust that all of our homeowners interested in a board position will take advantage of this special meeting on June 22.
Glengarry Village I Homeowners’ Association