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June 6 2019 Road Committee Update
Glengarry Village 1 - June 6, 2019 Homeowner's Meeting- Road Committee Update
Road Committee Members - Representatives from all GV1 Streets
     Tim Hoffmann, Frank Gorski, Jason Wooley, Jim Belisle, Kris Norman, Chuck Davis, Rakesh Padma
     Still looking for one additional person from Danbury Ct., Glengarry Blvd and Fairfield Ct. (desire 2 reps
      per street)   
Canton Township Road Improvement Millage passed in August 2017
      1.45 Mils per homeowner - 20 years (2019-2038)
       Millage covers Primary County Roads, Public Residential Roads (Wayne County) and Ford Road Blvd
       Residential Road Program
              Requires HOA/Resident Group Match.  Match required depends on size of project - Max 20%
              Awarded annually -- must apply annually - $200k max award per sub
GV1 HOA Annual Assessment (Dues) and associated budget do not have enough liquidity to raise matching funds required for road work on an ongoing basis
     GV1 Board approved $40k (as an advance) to participate in the 2020 Canton Program (for $200k work of work)
      GV1 immediate road repair/replacement needs per 2017 study are $1M+
GV1 Road Committee is working on a Supplemental Annual Assessment Proposal to fund road work for the HOA
      Proposal will be distributed over the summer (mailbox, email and web)
      Special meeting to be called for a proposal vote (late summer)
           Vote can be made in person at the meeting(s) or via proxy