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road condition update
From: "Amy Hughesdon" <>
To: "Amy Hughesdon" <>, S
ent: Friday, August 14, 2015 10:57:35 AM
Subject: road program update


Many of you have been contacting the Supervisor’s office for an update so I thought I would check in with the group.

Although the completed IGA s thatwas with the County, we were not hearing anything – and then our contacts there discovered it was being held up with an insurance question that we did not know about. We were able to answer it and rectify the situation. I do have to say our County Commissioner, Joe Barone, is doing a wonderful job on our behalf. Phil met with Joe yesterday and Joe is working to get the approval on the next Public Services Committee agenda. Then it would still have to be approved by the County Commission. I know time is ticking and several of you have concerns about work being starting and not finished this fall, or sub-par work being done in cold weather. We will be monitoring everything closely so that does not happen. We will keep you informed every step.

I wish I had a better update. We appreciate your patience throughout this process. I will make sure to notify you when they approve the IGA on the County side.

Thank you,


Amy Hughesdon
Township Operations Coordinator
Canton Township