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Road repairs begin 8 8 16
Glengarry Village I Road Update
Based on discussions with Canton Engineering and subsequent discussions with our paving contractor on August 4 & 5 the following is the latest information on the replacement of Glengarry Boulevard in phase 1:
Construction will start August 8 on the incoming (south side) of the boulevard with concrete sawing followed by start of pavement removal the following day (weather permitting)
The outgoing (north side) of the boulevard will become a 2 way street (no on-street parking allowed) while the south side is constructed
The boulevard sprinkler system will be turned off throughout the construction
The new base for the pavement will be a full depth (to spec) stone base which will improve under pavement draining and provide a stronger structural base for our new concrete road surface
The new concrete surface will be a full depth (to spec) stronger road surface without the chemical deterioration issues in our current surface materials and without the thin concrete areas in the current surface
Draining water that collects under the new road surface (in the enhanced stone base) will be facilitated by a new weep pipe drain system installed at every catch basin
This system is projected to provide a much more durable boulevard than our original road surface and to eliminate the current puddles in some areas of the boulevard.
Our residents on the boulevard will be significantly inconvenienced during this construction especially on home access and parking. The contractors may provide additional detail to affected homeowners as work progresses.  In the long term our entire subdivision will be better and potentially benefit from improved home prices and faster sales.
Please mark your sprinkler heads along the curb, so the construction crew will not damage them.
Your cooperation during this difficult construction phase will be appreciated.