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HOA road update
 Bruce That is wonderful news! Thank you Ken
Kenneth Wolf
Harry Doyle Harry Doyle Kathy Doug Myers
Aug 5 at 11:45 AM
That is wonderful news! Thank you Ken
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On Aug 5, 2016 11:04 AM, "Ken" wrote:
HOA Board Members,
I met yesterday with Canton Engineering to understand what our contractor will be installing on our boulevard this month. I was particularly concerned on the drainage system planned under the concrete which was reported as a contributor to the breakup of our current boulevard. As a result of my inquiry, Canton contacted the contractor for more specific detail on their plan for our boulevard construction. I will summarize their input as follows:
-Construction will start August 8 on the incoming (south) side of the boulevard with concrete sawing followed by start of pavement removal the following day (weather permitting).
-The north side of the boulevard will become a 2 way street (no on street parking allowed) while the south side in constructed.
-The base for the pavement will be a full depth (to spec) stone base which will improve under pavement draining and provide a stronger structural base for our new concrete road surface.
-The concrete road surface will be a full depth (to spec) stronger road surface without the chemical deterioration issues in our current surface materials and without the thin concrete areas in the current surface.
-Draining water that collects under the new road surface (in the enhanced stone base) will be facilitated by  a weep pipe drain system installed at every catch basin. This is not the originally proposed continuous drain pipe system along both sides of the boulevard which would have entailed replacing every driveway approach on the boulevard and trenching across every front yard on the boulevard. This continuous drain became cost prohibitive for our fully developed subdivision. This modified system provides most of the benefit at a cost level that available funds can cover.
At this point this approach appears to be the only viable approach to getting our boulevard replaced for Glengarry I and our funding partners from phases 2 & 3. The funds are available now and the contract is in place to finally get our boulevard replaced. I support the current plan after this review.
Our HOA neighbors on the boulevard will be significantly inconvenienced during this construction especially on home access and parking. In the long term our entire subdivision will be better and potentially benefit from improved home prices and faster home sales.
I hope this note will be of some help as we get questions from our HOA members. Unfortunately I will be gone a couple weeks handling executor duties for my sister’s estate.
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