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Road Funding Proposal Ballot
GV1 Residents,
Please turn in your Road Funding Proposal Ballot by 8-15-19 to avoid committee members having to go door-to-door to collect your vote.
We are 80% through the allotted time-period for voting on the Supplemental Assessment Proposal for funding GV1 road repairs/replacement/maintenance in conjunction with the Canton Township Road Improvement Program.
It would be appreciated if you could vote by/on August 15th.
Ballots may be dropped off at one of the following addresses:
45215 Danbury Road       45372 Danbury Court 
44897 Glengarry Rd         402 Fairfield Court
45204 Glengarry Blvd
(There is a ballot box on the front porch of each house)
Or, you can vote in person on August 15th from 6:30-8:30PM at the Canton Township Admin Bldg in Room A (basement)
GV1 Road Committee